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Synthetic Lawn Specialist in Livermore, California

Special Offer - General Contracting in Livermore, CA

Replace your grass with maintenance free synthetic lawn turf today! Greenwerx markets and installs artificial grass and turf for homeowners, schools, and businesses in Livermore, California, and the San Francisco Bay area. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products and service for our customers at the most affordable prices we can provide. You always work directly with the owner.

Artificial Grass
Artificial grass is the perfect lawn replacement solution. There is no mowing, watering, or fertilizing, and it's always ready for use. It doesn't turn into mud because it is self-draining. There are several shades of green you can choose from when you order artificial turf for you lawn.


General Contracting
Beyond artificial grass, we offer a range of general contracting services. We have extensive experience in home remodeling and specialize in difficult access excavation services for drainage and site preparation, as well as dump truck hauling services. Other services include:

• Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling • Excavation Services • Room Additions • Retaining Wall Construction

About Us
Master carpenter and general contractor Benjamin Buehrle discovered that artificial grass was becoming popular in arid parts of the country where water is scarce. Since 1998, he has been installing artificial turf, making Greenwerx the oldest continuous artificial turf installation company in the Bay Area.


Synthetic Lawn, Artificial Grass, General Contracting in Livermore, CA
Synthetic Lawn, Artificial Grass, General Contracting in Livermore, CA


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